VBM 200F Blister Card Automation

VBM200F machine
VBM200F machine


Highly Accurate Blister Card Packaging Automation to Maximise Revenue and Decrease Expenses

The Omnicell® VBM 200F is unique. It's the only small footprint, pharmacy blister card automated packaging machine that efficiently and accurately fills and checks SureMed® medication blister cards. This creates a seamless active workflow. The VBM 200F ensures pharmacies have the competitive advantage to easily scale their business. This helps them to immediately improve medication adherence and patient outcomes.

  • Automated packing and filling.
  • Throughput of up to 40 filled, audited, and sealed blister cards per hour.
  • Small-footprint, ergonomic design that fits through a standard doorway.
  • Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Unparalleled and proven vision technology. Verify every medication for each individual blister before the card is filled.

"The VBM technology is paramount in our ability to scale our business to meet the growing demands of our assisted-living and independent-living customers."

Stephen Boulanger, RPH, President, Mercury Pharmacy Service, Inc.




  • Identifies and certifies medication based on size, shape, and colour
  • Secured lids ensure medication is kept in place while moved from the VBM to the workstation
  • Scanning tray barcode triggers system to print the correct patient card. Ensures precise alignment with blisters.
  • Medications added directly into the machine prior to final vision verification. Ensures accuracy of manual fills.
  • Guided lights visually direct you (on screen and on the trays) where to add the medications. Significantly reduces human error.
  • Accommodates 200 different medications on the machine with individual cassettes. These are easily exchanged while it's running with no down time.


Product Details

Cassette capacity: 200 with various size cassettes available
Unit dimensions: (WxHxD) 1600 mm x 2000 mm x 835 mm. Additional working clearance required.
Weight: 1100kg with 200 cassettes loaded
Speed: 40+ blister packs filled per hour 

Network Requirements

The Omnicell VBM 200F supports network connection between the machine and the facility LAN for data transmission. To ensure the machine interfaces properly with your network, the site will require:

  • 1 network drop (CAT5) minimum of 1 GBPS

Electrical Requirements

Omnicell requires the facility to provide electrical service to Omnicell equipment specifications. The facility is responsible for all electrical and cabling costs.


Once unloaded, the Omnicell VBM 200F and components will require a pathway 920mm wide by 2100mm high to move it to its location. An Omnicell operations team will conduct a site survey to review specifics and discuss needs prior to implementation.

DAA Consumables

There are a number of SureMed cards that are designed for the VBM system and provide good value for your pharmacy: 

SureMed Duo

Our most popular pack that will easily stand in a storage tray or hang on a rack. Colour coding for dosage times or medication category prints down the side of the card for easy identification. Supports up to 16 medications. Direct print to card eliminates the need to manually apply labels.

SureMed Max Pack

Our comprehensively detailed book style card. Allows up to 18 medications and includes a complete medication profile. Complete with drug images and customisable cautionary and advisory warnings. The Max Pack book type cover makes this pack discreet, and also provides plenty of space to apply your pharmacy logo and information. Direct print to card eliminates the need to manually apply labels.

SureMed PLUS Perforated

Our book style perforated pack allows a patient to remove individual blisters from the pack to take with them. This means they don’t miss an important dose while they're out. Morning is a popular dosage time, so we have made our morning blister 14% larger to hold more medication. Easy to burst blisters for those that struggle with regular packs. Direct print to card eliminates the need to manually apply labels.

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