Physician medication and supplies management that reduces risks from hospital to home

Prevent medication and inventory errors in the operating room and help patients succeed with their medication regimens with Omnicell's medication dispensing systems for hospitals and medication adhrence solutions.

Whether you’re a surgeon in the hospital or a primary care physician, your priority is a good outcome for the patient. This can be challenging when many factors are out of your control. But medication and supply management is one area where you can make an impact.

Omnicell delivers physician medication and supplies management solutions to the entire continuum of care—acute, long-term, and population health. Through advanced automation and software, we are helping physicians prevent errors and strengthen compliance with medication regimens.

The result is safer surgery in the hospital, and a better chance for healthy outcomes at home.

Physician Setting

Improved mangement of medical supplies in theatre to better support physicians and patients.

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Solutions to keep your chronically ill patients on track for better outcomes

How can physicians keep their patients compliant when 20%-30% of prescriptions are never filled, and another 30% of patients don't take their meds even after they pick them up? 1

Omnicell helps address this challenge by equipping community and outpatient pharmacies with a wide array of medication adherence tools. For Australians who take five or more medications a day, our SureMed Dosage Administration Aids provide an easy way to remember to take every dose at the right time. Up to 90% adherence rates have been demonstrated. 2

Other Omnicell solutions take medication adherence even further by helping to reduce trips to the pharmacy and facilitating in-depth consultation about their medication regimens.

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2 Pinto S, et al. Innovations in Pharmacy. 2018;9(1).

1 Brody JE. The cost of not taking your medicine. New York Times. April 17, 2017.
2 Pinto S, et al. Innovations in Pharmacy. 2018;9(1).

Remove Barriers to Adherence

Dosage Administration Aids provide instant visual reinforcement of what to take and when.

Fewer Trips to the Pharmacy

Dosage Administration Aids enable a patient's chronic prescriptions to be picked up at the same time each month.

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