Visibility and insights to optimise inventory

Omnicell's intelligence solutions offer inventory management and diversion prevention analytic dashboards coupled with workflow optimisation insights and Omnicell expert guidance to help you accelerate pharmacy performance.

Visibility starts with Omnicell Essentials

Disconnected data across multiple systems. Increasing safety, compliance, and interoperability concerns. Understanding and analysing operational, financial, and clinical performance from this data complexity challenges healthcare organisations every day.

The key to solving this puzzle starts with visibility. Initially available for our XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets, Omnicell Essentials provides data analytics dashboards that shine a light on the health of your automation and the medication it contains, uncovering powerful performance metrics.

Inventory Visibility

With a single login, have a dashboard view into your XT cabinet inventory—what you can reduce, what is at risk of expiring, and how much it’s worth.

Diversion Visibility

Get a view across all OmniCenter® devices into indicators of diversion, including unresolved discrepancies.

Pharmacy intelligence that illuminates the path to success

From standalone hospitals to district health systems, our solutions are customised to meet a wide variety of needs. Armed with predictive pharmacy intelligence, unmatched visibility, and expert optimisation services, our clients are transforming their operations.

  • Public & Private Health Systems
  • Tertiary Medical Centers
  • Standalone Hospitals

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Platform & Interoperability

Omnicell's platform and interoperable technology connects to other systems to leverage real-time data insights, offer streamlined interoperability, and enable new optimization capabilities across workflows, care settings, and IT systems.

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