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Improve Medication Adherence and Patient Outcomes

SureMed X is next generation DAA pharmacy software from Omnicell, with a brand-new user interface, dispense integration, guided packing and all new features to help pharmacists improve medication adherence and patient outcomes.

Built using the latest cloud technology for accuracy and speed which incorporates market leading virtual pill inventory as part of the overall workflow, the new SureMed X platform has dispense integration with all major dispense system vendors.

SureMed X features a closed loop work flow that tracks each DAA through the process of profiling changes with pharmacist authorisation, screen guided packing, checking and delivery confirmation. There are checks and balances built into every stage of the workflow that gives pharmacists and technicians peace of mind that every DAA that goes out to individual patients or to aged care facilities is packed accurately and reflects the latest medication profile.

"I appreciate the support SureMed provides - the time between us lodging a support request and one of the team calling us back is truly amazing."

Eleanor Dodd, Pharmacist, Callala Bay Pharmacy, NSW


Enhanced User Experience

  • Simple dashboard with packing metrics, notifications, notes and profile audit history
  • Latest cloud technology for security and performance
  • Login from anywhere, anytime via the browser

Better Integration

  • Dispense system integration with all major vendors for efficient workflow
  • Works with card and blister and sachet packing machines
  • Integration with aged care clinical systems
  • Enhanced reporting through integration with Medscope, i3Soft and Acredia
  • Integration with aged care clinical systems including iCare, Heatlth Metrics (eCase), Autumncare, Medimap, Emma and Sarah.

Other Market Leading Features

  • Closed loop guided packing, guided checking and delivery confirmation
  • Pharmacist approval for profile changes
  • SureMed allows for 7, 14 and 28 day multidose and 7 day unit dose
  • Reduce the quantity of stored medication and increase efficiency through Virtual Pill Inventory
  • Store all documents electronically through drag and drop uploads with multiple attachments
  • Different user profile types for permission-based access
  • Aged care login for communication and ordering
  • Supports centralised packing (hub and spoke)
  • Online consumable ordering


SureMed X offers a unique closed loop workflow for the supply of DAAs with checks and balances every step of the way to make sure the patients get the right medications at the right time.

Profile Change Authorisation

  • All profile changes made by technicians are approved by a pharmacist before going live
  • Supporting documentation can be uploaded and viewed as changes are made

Creating Pack Labels 

  • System checks for pending profile change authorisations before labels are created

Guided Packing

  • Barcode driven screen guided packing for accuracy. User is notified if the profile has been modified since the label was created as well as receiving notifications for pending profile change authorisations.

Guided Checking

  • Improve checking accuracy with blister totals and packing road map for individual medications
  • All the same notifications for guided packing are displayed here as well


  • Barcode driven delivery confirmation
  • The delivery screen displays a patient image, a similar name alert and all the notifications from guided packing and checking

Integrated Dispensing and Virtual Pill Inventory

  • SureMed incorporates the accuracy and speed of integrated dispensing with virtual pill inventory as part of the overall work flow

Subscription Plans

SureMed Basic

  • Core Community Packing Software
  • Suited to pharmacies with lower number of DAA patients

SureMed Professional

  • Community Packing
  • Facility Packing 
  • Virtual Pill Inventory
  • On Screen Guided Fill

SureMed Integrated

  • Community Packing
  • Facility Packing 
  • VPI & Guided Fill 
  • Aged care Connect 
  • Hub and Spoke 
  • Dispense System Integration 
  • Automation Integration

SureMed Max and SureMed Platform Only

  • Pharmacies packing for more than 200 patients or Pharmacies not using SureMed consumables
  • Benefits from all the features of SureMed Integrated

Frequently asked questions

What does my subscription provide?

Your SureMed subscription provides you with automated software updates, technical suppport, drug updates, drug image updates, data storage and back up.

What is VPI and Guided Fill?

VPI is virtual pill inventory and Guided Fill is SureMed's screen guided packing and checking module.

Can I use the SureMed platform without SureMed consumables?

Yes, there is a platform only fee which ensures you get full access to the packing software.


SureMed X is cloud based software which can be accessed from any internet connected computer or device.

Setup of SureMed X, ordering consumables and service requests can all be done remotely. Service tickets can be raised in the SureMed X platform.

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