September 20, 2020

SureMed X, next generation DAA software, launches in Australia

Omnicell, Inc (NASDAQ:OMCL), a leading provider of medication management solutions and adherence tools for health systems and pharmacies, announces the launch of SureMed X, the next generation in cloud based dosage administration aid (DAA) software.

With a brand-new user interface and a raft of new features, this new software solution “closes the loop” for the packing of DAAs, delivering increased accuracy and efficiency for pharmacists.

DAAs are an essential part of medication management for vulnerable patients so it is important that pharmacies use a system that facilitates best practice and provides confidence that their DAA packs are filled accurately and efficiently. Digital systems can play an important role in helping pharmacists to reduce the risk of packing errors and in supporting patients to take the right dose of the right medication at the right time.

The new SureMed X software reduces the amount of time spent on manual tasks and frees up pharmacy staff time for face-to-face patient care. This further improves patient safety and helps community pharmacies move towards the goal where technology will support zero-errors and empower care professionals to deliver improved patient care and pharmacy performance.

The new software has been developed to meet the needs of community pharmacies by Omnicell’s Australian technology team.  SureMed X design lead Danny Faelis, who has been working on the development of SureMed software since 2010 said, “SureMed X cements our reputation as the market leaders in DAA software development. Users today expect functionality, performance and reliability in a clean, beautifully designed modern interface, and SureMed X delivers on all these elements.”

“SureMed X features a closed loop workflow that tracks each DAA through the process of profile changes with pharmacist authorisation, screen guided packing, checking, and delivery confirmation.  There are checks and balances built into every stage of the workflow. This gives pharmacists and technicians peace of mind that every DAA that goes out to individual patients or to aged care facilities is packed accurately and reflects the latest medication profile. "

Janet Wilson, Pharmacist at TerryWhite Chemmart Seaford in South Australia was one of the first to experience the new software.

“SureMed X is a fantastic user-friendly software. I absolutely love the dashboard with a link to get wherever you need to go. SureMed X stores so much information. This helps us achieve an accurate history of the client’s profile, so if we receive a phone call for a hospital admission, we have everything we need to relay all the required information. The whole process is quick and accurate, allowing us to have all the blister packs completed in a timely manner.”

The new SureMed X features include:

  • Dispensary system integration which optimises workflow (the platform supports integration with major dispense software systems).
  • A stunning interface that delivers a new level of usability, features and performance, making it easier to navigate.
  • A closed loop workflow – one system that provides checks and balances at every stage of DAA packing. A range of new features including profile change authorisation, a dashboard for DAA packing metrics, enhanced guided packing, guided checking and delivery confirmation – creating efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Supports dot dispense through dispensary system integration and Virtual Pill Inventory
  • The ability to add attachments such as a scripts, discharge summaries or medication charts.
  • Comprehensive patient profile reports.
  • Supports 7CPA claiming, making the process easier.

Features which SureMed X offers, which were already available with SureMed

  • Cloud-based technology which gives pharmacists more workflow flexibility
  • Guided packing for a pharmacist or technician with clear visuals that reduce the risk of packing errors, saving valuable time
  • The Virtual Pill Inventory (VPI), which enables pharmacies to reduce the level of stock on hand, avoiding unnecessary wastage from expiring medication packs
  • Convenient and safe, market-leading cold seal consumables

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