Robomat Robotic Dispensing System

Robomat Robotic Dispensing System Medical Cabinet
Robomat Robotic Dispensing System Medical Cabinet

Combine the Best Features in a Single System

By integrating channel and chaotic technology, Robomat provides optimal versatility and efficiency. Made up of our Medimat storage and dispensing unit (chaotic) and Speedbox filling system (channel), Robomat is ideal for slow, medium, and fast moving lines.

A Medimat unit can be integrated with multiple Speedbox systems. The Fill-in-Box can also be added to the system. With this setup, the Medimat provides a fully automatic load for all units.


  • Up to four grippers in one solution
  • The combination of single-item channels and a chaotic system eliminates the need for twin grippers in one machine
  • Simultaneous, independent storage and removal from storage



  • Lengths: Made to measure, from 3.75 m to 17 m in 0.05‑m increments.
  • Widths: 1.31 m / 1.61 m
  • Heights: Made to measure, from 1.65 m to 3.50 m in 0.05‑m increments.

Speedbox: Available in sizes N, XL und XXL. As many as 3 Speedboxes can be connected to the Medimat so that it is possible for 4 grippers to be in action.

Possible locations: Ground floor, basement, upper floor as well as side rooms

Structural shape:

  • Straight
  • U-shaped
  • L-shaped
  • parallel

Power supply: 230 V AC/50 Hz

Power consumption: 0.4 to 1.2 kW

Noise emission: "Low Noise" sound-insulated machine housing

Storage capacity: Up to 70,000 packs, depending on article structure

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